Thursday, February 4, 2016

How to drywall a ceiling

Now that I am a homeowner, I need to leave the boosted ego aside and start improving my home with diy projects. I am no expert when it comes to remodeling, but I know a few tricks due to my experience and to the articles I have read online.

How to drywall a ceiling

I have learned lots of tips on drywalling a ceiling by reading several tutorials on the net. How ever, I especially loved, as it featured professional tutorials which are totally free. And who can say NO to something that comes at no cost? Especially when we speak about valuable knowledge that comes directly from professionals.

Mudding drywall ceiling 

Ask a friend to assist you when hanging the drywall sheets to the metal stud framing. Align all the sheets with attention and secure them to the frame with 1 1/4" screws. Place the screws every 8" for a professional result.

Apply fiberglass mesh to the seam before mudding the surface. Use a 6" drywall knife to spread the mud evenly. This must be one of the most versatile tools you can have, so make sure you buy one. I have seen good deals on amazon, so with as little as 10 dollars you can have the right tools for the job.

Let the first coat of mud to dry out overnight before applying the second coat. After it dries out you need to smooth the surface with sandpaper. Last but not least apply the third and final coat of drywall mud. Mix the joint compound with a little water, so you can work with it easier.

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