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Building a gazebo

Any wooden gazebo is a wonderful addition to garden, taking into account it increases the living space and it creates a great place to spend the summer afternoons with your family and friends. Generally speaking, gazebos come in many sizes and designs, starting with a basic square shape up to complex hexagons and octagons.

If you want to keep expenditures under control and still obtain a great result, follow our tips and tricks. Firstly, you should obtain a building permit (some regions require a building permit, while others ask it just for gazebos over a certain size). Nevertheless, we recommend you to always contact your local building codes before starting the project, to comply with the legal regulations.

Choosing the gazebo plans

An outdoor garden gazebo is one of the best choice for relaxing and leisure purposes, taking into account its advantages and the way it complements your garden and house. Moreover, if you choose to undertake the construction process by yourself, you can keep the total expenditures under control and still obtain a professional result.Nevertheless, you should plan the gazebo designs, location, shape and size, from the very beginning, as a proper preparation will save you from common problems. Make sure you emphasize on the planing stage, as the gazebo should reflect your personality and fit perfectly with the rest of your house and garden.

If you have the opportunity, it would be better to talk to people that have built a gazebo recently, as there are many things you could learn from their experience. There are many things can go wrong, therefore it is always a good thing to prevent the issues, as much possible, from the incipient stages.

You should consider adding a cooking area to your gazebo, like a barbeque, several outdoor cabinets and stainless steel appliances, especially if you are a fan of barbecues. If you really enjoy making barbeques quite often, you should also invest in a small sink near the cooking area, otherwise you would have to make many trips to your kitchen.

Building a gazebo
The gazebo designs, shapes and sizes vary a lot, therefore it is a true challenge to plan the ideal gazebo, from the first attempt. That is why, you should draw several sketches, until you find the shape that best satisfies your needs and budget. Read many specialized books, magazines or search on the internet different models. In addition, if you see a gazebo you like in your neighborhood, you shouldn't be afraid to ask the owners various questions. In most of the cases, they would help you and share their experience with you, pointing out the main obstacles and the issues that have hardened their work. Take notes and make a few pictures, to help you when designing the wooden gazebo.

On the other hand, technically speaking, the gazebos, even different in design and shape, share many things: the posts are installed in the same manner, the floor frame is built similarly, as well as the railings and balusters. In the case of octagonal gazebos, building the roof is more complex, as you have to install many rafters. Moreover, taking into account its shape, you should work with great care and attention, making sure the components are aligned and locked into position properly.

Ways to build a gazebo
On one hand, you can get the job done by yourself, if you have the right tools, enough time and master the basic carpentry techniques. On the other hand, you could also hire a contractor specialized in this field, or you could buy a gazebo kit..

If you hire a team of qualified builders, the total costs would be higher, but at least you have the guarantee of a well done job. Nevertheless, if you buy a professional gazebo kit, you could also assemble it by yourself in just one weekend, as it comes with pre-cut parts and step by step instructions.

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