Thursday, August 15, 2013

Patio pergola plans

A wooden pergola is interesting and functional addition to any property. If you want to create a nice and basic shaded area in your garden, we recommend you to pay attention to the following information.

In most of the cases a patio pergola requires a building permit, so make sure you read all the building codes before starting the backyard project. There are so many plans to choose from, that we really recommend you to study several alternatives before choosing the final instructions. Don't be afraid to modify the design of the pergola, in order to ensure a better transition from the look of your garden to the design of the patio pergola.

In order to get the job done in a professional manner, we recommend you to work with attention and to use quality tools.

Don't forget to set the posts into concrete, especially if you live in a area with strong winds. Plumb the posts with spirit level before locking them into place.

Always pre-drill the lumber before inserting the screws into place, in order to prevent the wood from splitting. Align the components at both ends and add waterproof glue if necessary. The glue will most likely enhance the bond of the components and the rigidity of the structure.

As you can easily notice in the video, you have to lay out the pergola in a professional manner and to lock the components together tightly. Invest in high quality materials if you want to build a durable pergola. Ask a friend who is aware of the main woodworking techniques to give you a hand with the wooden construction.

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