Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Small Gable Shed Plans

Building a small storage shed for your garden is a great idea, if you want to improve the storing of your tools and outdoor furniture. Make sure you select the right design for your shed before starting the actual construction, as to prevent costly mistakes and to save time.

Before starting the actual construction of the shed, you need to make sure that your project follow the local building codes. Therefore, you might need to get a building permit before starting the construction of the backyard shed.

Take a look over the above video, if you want to learn more about building a simple but sturdy shed. the video takes you over all the steps required to build a garden storage shed. Invest in high quality lumber and adjust the size and the design of the shed to suit your needs.

Add hinges to the door and a latch, in order to lock it properly. If you want to really enhance the look of the shed, we recommend you to fit a window to one of the sides of the shed, or even to the front wall. The window will let enough light to get inside the shed, so you can even use it as a workshop.

Make sure the surface is perfectly level and remove the vegetation layer before building the shed. If you want to can lay a 2" layer of compacted gravel, to distribute the weight of the shed properly. Add 4x4 skids under the frame of the shed, to create a clearance space between the fame and the ground.

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